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09-25-2012, 09:06 PM
LOL... Nice pic humor.... I said I was Popular nowhere did I say I was a bad ass... But the PvP community does know me as Diablo.... But to clear that up I am nowheres near as good as some of the people playing the game.... Nor do I claim to be but that dont mean they dont know me because most of the seasoned PvP people do ... anyways I didnt start this thread to talk about me I started it to get another STF channel up and running because the main 1 we have now is to full of rules ... You cant talk about anything on it not even STF's ... You cant use 3 identicle letters in a role to find a team .... What kind of rules is that for what is suppose to be a STF channel .... You should be able to advertise to find a team without having somebody tell you your not allowed to do this or to do that as long as your not being rude or vulgar .... You should also be able to talk about how an Elite STF works on a STF channel ... That is what I offer with the new channel .... If you want join if not thats cool also ... Believe me its no skin off my back... Its actually seldom that I even need the use of a STF channel anyways .... I have an active fleet and tons of friends to run with but occasionally I do need 1 or 2 slots filled on a team and I dont need some guy I dont even know tell me I cant say 000 for invite.... That is just so freakin lame... And I wasnt kicked I left it ...
Target locked Captain....Alpha loaded....5,4,3,2,1.... Target dead captain, locking on next target

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