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Works for me.

So what are the Tal like? System of government? Cultural habits and beliefs? Procreation? Physiology? Etc.
I would liken a group of Tal to maybe a pod of orcas. Matriarchs takes the lead; I mostly say this because I've tried to make Tals on a male phenotype and they just lose all the elegance... so maybe they can only be made on female toons or perhaps have it similar to the females being taller and larger while the males be smaller and perhaps more aquatic and tendrily looking... rarely leaving the home planet. They prefer pack mentality as opposed to the lone wolf idea (the males eventually leaving the pod as they mature and go fart around as bachelors). Government = various pods that are accustomed to life under water as well as life above it (so the city ship would probably accomodate both these options). Each pod is semi-independant but obviously the more long-standing or powerful ones have more say during group congregations and can act as a representative of their people.

Younger Tal resemble tadpole like creatures, molting to a more graceful and bipedal form later on.

Beliefs? Not sure, maybe they are sensitive to the resonance of song and the rythms of life on a planet or ship. Perhaps holding such things in high regard (like whale song).

Any suggestions welcome on this .

Originally Posted by starfish1701 View Post
Excellent video, and a really good looking species.

I think they should have their own planet, missions and culture in game, just like the Deferi do. My crew would love to go and visit it.
I would love to do that, maybe I can try to make a foundry mission... I'm not savy enough for it though but maybe at some point I'll figure it out.
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