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09-25-2012, 11:03 PM
Your premise is that full aux with STF shield will grant more tank than full shield power would when using TSS. Let us examine that statement and see if it is infact true (as I type this I do not know).

Ship: Cruiser with 1.0 shield mod
Shield: Maco Mk XII
Skills: All shield skills maxed.

TSS with shield at 125 and aux at 50
First lets see what our shield resist actually is, we got 10% from maco shield, 35% from shield power, and 7% from TSS.
(.9*.65*.93) = .54 damage received or 46% resistance.
TSS gives 449 shield once, 128 shield /sec for 15 seconds, and we get 2.5 pulses of our natural shield regen of (173 x 4) because of shield power or
499+(128*15)+(173*4*2.5) = 4099 raw shield restored over 15 seconds but with resist
4099 * 1.54 = 6312 effective shield.

TSS with shield at 50 and aux at 125
Resist is 10% from maco and 14.5% from TSS or 23% resistance
TSS gives 785 shield once, 224 shield /sec for 15 seconds, and 2.5 pulses of our natural shield regen of 173 for
4577 raw shield restored but with resist we get 5630.

Conclusion: Shield Power Wins. And that doesn't even take into consideration the other 30 seconds that TSS is not up and the AUX isn't doing much nor the ability to pop and AUX battery to get the best of both worlds.

It is flawed.