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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
Controls aren't the issue. At one point the Xbox 360 port was far enough along that it was playable (internally only, it never reached the point of external testing).

The problem was entirely a dispute between Microsoft and then-owner Atari regarding monetization. They couldn't agree on a way for Atari to make money at it without taking a massive loss over the PC version.

As for PWE, who owns Cryptic now; I don't know if they're pursuing the idea further, although Cryptic no longer has any job openings for console programmers.
Such a shame. I was hoping it was something else, since I had my sneaking suspicion that it was something to do with Microsoft. It seems that Microsoft has no idea how to do MMO's properly. They should have just made it where it's $60 for the game itself, and when players buy it they have the same restrictions placed on them as if they were F2P. If players wished, they could buy different subscriptions. Same as the PC version. Seems to me that they'd make more money then the PC version, since it's free to download the game on the PC.

But, if I am reading these replies correctly, it seems that people aren't opposed to the idea.