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# 18 LoL but Serial??
09-26-2012, 01:20 AM
the Lockboxes just down right annoy me, you can proclaim I'm somesort of addict Mr. red01999, but I've in totaly opened 6 lock boxes with annoying results... back when the Cardie boxes where out I only opened the first purple I got sold the second one on exchange, got nothing. then opened the "ONLY" ferengi lockbox I ever got crappy results again. then just recently opened one of each lock box for giggles.

the lockboxes are for those who like a gamble... or have plenty of expendable cash, I have neither. I'm gonna try to get the Time Traveller Outfit, anything I get whether its the ship or anything of any value is being sold on the exchange.

I play a Fed Science main toon, you think I'd be jumping for joy with a new science ship looming... well no... not really. I have a lovely Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit the next ship on my list is the Fleet version, then after that? I'm jumping to The Elder Scrolls Online... no crappy lock boxes there. (prayers to Dibella)

I like Star Trek Online I'm currently still very passionate but these lockboxes are disheartening.