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09-26-2012, 04:12 AM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
[*]Updated the NPC pathing and spawning for several maps:
  • Gates of Gre'thor.
  • Starbase 157
  • Khitomer Accord Ground
  • The Kuvah'Magh
  • Tutorial: Vega Ground
  • Keep Your Enemies Closer
[*]Updated the comet in Night of the Comet so that all of the shards appear correctly.

  • Fixed the display name on a couple of Polaron Dual Beam Banks that thought they were Neutrino Deflectors.
Yay on the pathing fix!

The name fix reminds me of a problem with the Borg Standard Issue Stf Gear, Particularly Split beams, they are wrongly named as Assault Miniguns with the examine text of splitbeams.

A MKXII Plasma Splitbeam is wrongly named a MKXII Plasma assault minigun