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Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
no they dont. the heavy cruiser is just awesome. and if you think you are turning too slow, there are always escorts to protect you
Since escorts get everything anyway so why don't they get rid of cruisers completely?

Cruisers are the iconic ships of star trek, not escorts.
For the devs, cruisers are good to make $$, because they are popular, but thats all.
Escorts are still the devs favorite ships. They get any advantage the devs can find, that just makes me sick.

Seeing Cruisers so disadvantaged and useless, shows how careles the devs are when it comes to ships. They just want their escorts get every advantage, why dont you just give them some more extra weapons power (+50) or some additional Cmdr. Enigneering BOFF?

Is it so hard to understand that in Star Trek cruisers are not just tanks, they are the biggest, and most powerful and dangerous ships. Escorts are just some small special ships that can generat high burst damage for a short time, but they aren't good on their own. Cruisers shouldn't need protection of escorts, it's the other way round.

Giving Escorts even more maneuverability shows the devs haven't understood anything about star trek at all. (or they just don't care, and want to boost their favourite ships even more)

Seriously i'm really infuriated about this.
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