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Originally Posted by tasila View Post
Hi im trying to *make* my Alien Character based on Xyrillian but based on the Alien editor it seems not possible.
I don't think you'll ever get an Xyrillian that looks spot on, but I'd have thought you'd be able to make a close match.

Originally Posted by tasila View Post
So im asking have Cryptic the Copyrights to add Male/Female Xyrillian cause of them the Federation and Klingons got their Holodeck Technology.
Unless I'm mistaken, I don't believe the Xyrillian species were ever a Federation member, thus it seems highly unlikely that they'll be included as a FED Boff.

Also, the Xyrillian never gave Starfleet it's holo-technology. It was only that one Klingon ship if I recall, and that was only to save themselves from being blown out of the sky.

Originally Posted by tasila View Post
In Startrek Lore they arent Really known but the Game needs to Grow on Races.
I'd agree, though I think FED players need the use of Deltans (at least) before we go worrying about Xyrillian. Would be nice to have (minus Aquatics for obvious reasons) Xindi crew members too (we don't know what year they joined the Federation; could have been the 25th Century).