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09-26-2012, 08:11 AM
This is a Quickfire round called "Emotes We'd Like To See"

/emote talking <- (like the NPCs around where they're talking to eachother would make RP pretty cool)

/emote hug <- (in a way similar to the old Star Wars Galaxies hug emote)

/emote sit_drinking_tea <- (like Picard sitting in his ready room)

/emote dance_thriller <- (wouldn't that be AWESOME)

/emote dance_gangnam_style <- (I do have to agree with "dariusmajere" it would be pretty neat)

and last but not least

/emote sleep_comfy <- (our current sleep emotes are... /emote sleep_dead and /emote sleep_standing_up_dead, we needs better!)

Plus who else notices that our "standing to" Attention emote is a half-breed between actually Standing at Attention and Standing at Ease?
*edit* - "are Starfleet Personel attentively at ease?"


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