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Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post
And now on to the complaining. Cryptic have actually listened to an extent (They can't do everything we ask, due to CBS's restrictions, And personally the idea of having Uber-rare ships is cool), the need/greed has been removed from lockboxes, and the chance of getting that sexy-ass D'kora (and the other ships, but they are not important!) has risen, which is brilliant for people like me.
I'm not convinced of this.

We are told that CBS lays down the law in regard to what is and what isn't allowed. We were also told that the Galor and D'Kora were to remain rare (cause CBS didn't want everyone flying around in them; reasonable, it's logical. It's not like Starfleet would be issuing a Federation crew with a Galor Cruiser anyway) but here's the snag, at our request, the Galor, D'Kora and Tholian ships have suddenly become more available to everyone. The chance of attaining one has increased. I can't believe for a single moment that this was a choice by CBS. I don't think they had any say on the lock box content, and that it's all Cryptics doing.

They say they're rare and can't be given to everyone so more people pay the money to unlock 100+ boxes and receive nothing (people that spend this sort of money don't use the brains they were born with). After some fan feedback, Cryptic decides to make these vessels more open to the community so that more people can use them, again, now making even more money out of us.

It's all about the greedy little hobbitses.