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09-26-2012, 07:43 AM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
You started adding in modifications to your original statement there mate, originally you said EPTW was used and that is what I did the math with.

- Was not aware there was a 7.75% reduction at 50 shield power but it won't change results
- You said EPTW, but either way EPTS heal will have greater effect with higher resistance gained via shield power so no AUX will not win this way it will be further behind.
- Cruiser, EPTX ability or two, or batteries/etc allow for high power levels. Results would still be similar at 100 vs 100 though.
- Resistance stacks in a linear fashion and will effect both equally. Going from 0-50% resist and 50%-75% resist is the same effect.
- AUX has no effect on EPTX abilities, just AUX to XX abilities.

It. Is. Flawed.

*edit* Aux does not grant more sustain because of innate shield regen amounts.
Sorry, the EPtW instead of EptS was an honest typo. Could have been appearant from context, but not obvious enough, so ... yeah, my mistake.
And ... you're right with EPtX not affected by AUX, no clue how that brain-fart got in there. And since the issue really hinged on that one, I'll admit that I'm wrong. 'Will edit my previous post to reflect that.

Still leaves AUX as boosting Sci and Eng powers, and for hangar recharge, still leaving it at some importance.