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09-26-2012, 09:36 AM
Let's see:

A) 'Read some dev blogs, read all the lore, read all the ingame story, didn't read the book.

B) This game needs a lot of work, but still has potential.

Can I go with
9) Story and Lore are irreplaceable components of any RP Setting and MMO, they serve as the backdrop from which player content and interaction can build up, and as a reverence tool for players when creating their character's background, personality and a guideline for interaction with other player characters.
The Lore in STO is adequate, creating a setting of Fed vs. KDF conflict with hidden undertones, and a RSE temporarily sitting on the sidelines, busy with internal conflicts and attempts of foreign infiltration. A decent setting to develop from.
The Story in STO is a pretty bad, a Vegas-style arcade action pathway through a themepark, wasting the potential of the setting, void of any potential for player interaction or consequence.
The real travesty though are the events and promotions that are explained as spin-offs from the story while in truth being nothing more than blatant capitalization for C-Store purposes.