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Originally Posted by dareau View Post
First off, for my tac at least, the purpose of AP: D on the freighter isn't the resist buffs on the freighter, it's the resist debuffs on the guys shooting at the freighter.
You can do this by simply hitting APB and tapping BFAW.

That's a decent use, but it's still limited by quite a few things.

1) It's still only hull resistance.
2) You don't even need to kill the herd; pushing them (TBR), controlling them (GW, EWP), or even just shooting them with Threat Control so they shoot you instead all work. In fact, with threat control you'd be better using APD on yourself as now you are the target and NPCs shooting you would receive the debuff.

Originally Posted by dareau View Post
Meanwhile, TT I / TSS III from my Sci has to be "perfectly timed" to be of use, doing so at the beginning of the run rarely grants enough survivability to the freighter to complete the delivery
I'm really not sure what you are referring to.

You have to time APD, and you have to time TT/TSS. They all have limited durations and would therefore need to be timed.

APD needs to be timed for when the NPCs hulls are exposed (friend or foe) - otherwise it does very little.