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09-26-2012, 10:06 AM
"I take it you have never played they game on Elite, you do know what the Critcal/Major compenents are used for?....I'm guessing your one of those players who rock up to a fight in a damaged ship."

I did, and then I realized that 99% of the time you get placed in a team full of morons. Otherwise, you get to shoot at mindless npcs that give you little to no damage... boring...

"It's had a death penalty for two years."

Really? Every time I die in PVP, i lose nothing. Mabey you could enlighten me.

"ignorant players who assume things and take them as fact, mate there is more than 3 things to do in end game oh and the forums are quite active and so is the game."

I am not ignorant. I have done the research. STO has lost over 70% of it's origional population since the launch of it's 'free-to-play' basis. You have obviously posted without even looking into it. There is a difference between being active and haveing a dropping player-base. You have have 100 people post on the forums all day long for a whole month, but if at the end of that month you are 700 players down from the month before, you have a declining population.

"theres a lot more to do than just STF's and PVP. Klingon, Federation side is irrlevent its your skills and ships build that will decide a pvp match if you can't kill a cloaked Klingon well you need to go and ask some advise on ship builds and practise you can't expect to go into pvp as a noob and go against 700 day vetrans and win strait away it will take awhile for you to learn all the do's and don'ts and this is the same for many mmo's."

That's not the point. I'm talking about game mechanics. All i have to do is litterally press 1 button over an over and spam all my skills. This makes battles boring. It doesn't require skill because anyone can press a button. a limit on the number of skills you can perform will force you to pick the best one to use at the right time. << SKILL

"Actually I would argue there are more players since it went f2p especially on the Klingon side, its nice to see as many Klingon ships hanging around Qo'No's as there are Feds around Sol."

And the rest of the galaxy is deserted..... oh wait, there is Kerrat.

"Um there is another Server called tribble where they DO test stuff."

They're doing a very poor job if those bugs still show in the patch releases then.

"been ignorant again, I take it your not in a Fleet? There is something called creating/launching a fleet action where you can have like 20 players all mixed if you like a create your own pvp match you don't need to wait at all."

It's a queue. I don't want a queue. Please read my initial post.

"not this again, look you wanna play the game on hard go reroll a toon and play everything on Elite, I bet you don't even make it to level 10 Fed side or level 30 Klingon side with out changing it back to normal lol."

As I said before, death penalty is only is the story, and in any 'hard' (elite) npc battle. NOT PVP. I'm talking specifically about PVP, and mixed faction instances.

"What are you talking about there are consumables theres even a skill in the engineering skill tree to increase the effectiveness of battery's and the like and your healing skills do have a cooldown there not avaible all the time especially if you like using the "Team" buffs, for example if you use "Tac Team" then need a heal you can't use "Engy Team" for 15 secs as its on a cooldown from the other "team" ability. So its not just all click click click and you magicly healed again like you would have us believe."

oh, yes it is all just 'click click click'. Click click click on my double tac team, torpedo spread, fire at will, tractor beam, and brace for impact. And I can use ALL of those skill at once. If you've ever played Diablo, Cabal, WoW, or any other populare MMO, they have enrgy limits to keep you from spamming 10 skills at a time. But I suppose you don't like to pick and choose which skills you use. It probably take too much brain power for you to comprehend.
Consumable are a joke. They do nothing more than re-inforce your ship, and when they are done, your status goes back to the way it was when the consumables were activated. My skills do more than any consumable ever will. If you want me to use a consumable, it should heal more shield than my tactical team would., or repair more hull damage. I got other hotkeys to put on my keyboard, so unless they do somthing meaningfull, they wont be used by me.
I also want to note that skills dont matter when theres a skill to nutralize the use of skills. So, seriously, energy limit, and make it an 'ultimate', or nerf the damn thing it's up to you.