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09-26-2012, 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Yes. I can see how the KDF Fleet Escorts and Fleet BOP are grossly overpowered Goliaths that can withstand anything....
Yes because the Aquarius and the Fleet Escort have Battlecloak ... oh, wait ...

And since you want to play this game ...

Flt. Escort Retrofit - Hull 30,360 ; Shield Modifier 0.77
Flt Qin - Hull 36,300 ; Shield Modifier 0.92
Flt Hoh'SuS - Hull 24,750 ; Shield Modifier 0.88

Stop being a BAWWWW bunny, the KDF have its own broken ships (like the Flt. Ning'tao) but none are as bad as the LOLarius that have.

Hull 26,400
Shield Modifier 0.72

And that is the FLEET version mind you, if you are going to bring up the Ning'tao have worst hull ... yes, but it also have all Universals, turn rate 22 and Battlecloak.