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# 1 Faction specific PvE queues
09-26-2012, 12:55 PM
Hi there.

I just finished my 112th cure space elite. Just as the 111 times before it, I left without the prototype engine tech.
A reason for this may be that my group not only failed the optional, but didn't prevent Kang from blowing up.

It started as many STF's before it. I joined, and found myself in a group with 4 Fed players. 1 Sci, 3 Eng captains. My first thought: mkay, bye bye optional.

After a quick glimpse on their ship choices I had this sneaking suspicion the whole run will fail. To my very regret, my intuition was right.
Unfortunately that happens way too often when more than two Fed players are on the team.

Therefore my plea: Give us the option to join a KDF only pve queue. I'll have to wait longer to get a group, but the higher succes chances will make more than up for it.

Thank you.

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