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Well, as a long time Star Trek fan and STO player I'm sure many of you heard that NASA has said warp speed is possible and they are working on such technology. What warp drive is just in case many of you don't know it is when the Enterprise enters warp the ship will generate a warp bubble around the ship allowing it to travel at a high rate of speed without people slamming into a bulkhead.

I was watching a episode on the history channel talking about UFO's at Area 51, back in 1989 a guy named Bob Lasar was working for Area 51 he came clean back then on what he was doing. He said he was working on reverse engineering a UFO they had, trying to find out how it was moving so fast. The team discovered a new element know as "Element 115" That was the power core allowing that craft to go extremely fast. They called it a "Gravity Warp Drive." Sounds familiar.

Almost 25 years later NASA announces that they are working on a warp drive. Sounds fishy to me let me know what you think. Area 51 may actually have a UFO after all.

Just think about going from here to Alpha Centauri in less then two weeks. From here to Mars in 1-2 minutes that's fast.
I hope we have these in our life-time, technology these days are evolving alot faster and if there was a major need for the tech then it could be reasearch etc and less time, im just happy to see and hear that they are now actually working on making one even it failures or succeeds (hope it works) it still an achievement at last we will have more proof wither way it is can be possible or not (hope it is possible)