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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Sorry, the EPtW instead of EptS was an honest typo. Could have been appearant from context, but not obvious enough, so ... yeah, my mistake.
And ... you're right with EPtX not affected by AUX, no clue how that brain-fart got in there. And since the issue really hinged on that one, I'll admit that I'm wrong. 'Will edit my previous post to reflect that.

Still leaves AUX as boosting Sci and Eng powers, and for hangar recharge, still leaving it at some importance.
Its all good mate without your post I never would have done the math and learned what I learned. I know context in type is difficult and I'm not very well worded so if I come off as harsh I apologize as it is not intended.

And on that note I can very easily create a situation where AUX would win out by using an MVAE with TSS 3 and a bunch of shield heal skill consoles. And then do the same with a sci vessel sporting shield regen consoles and the omega shield to make shield power win out but those are simply beside my point.

In addition it is true that in specific situations engine power and aux are good to pump up, its just that I don't think it should be like that. I think it should depend on your ship and what abilities you are using on which ones should be prioritized the majority of the time and it isn't even remotely close to that.

I mean to me it seems absolutely insane that when using one of, if not the, best boff ability in the game for healing a shield that is heavily effected by AUX power that it would have a better effect with a high shield power than high aux. It shouldn't even be close or debatable that is so extremely counter-intuitive it makes my head hurt. And it's not even taking into account the 30 seconds after TSS runs out before you can use it again where shield power just keeps on regeneration your shield and increasing the resistance.

And the simple reason for that is high shield power throws in more modifiers that get multiplied and scale exponentially while the auxiliary bonus has a simple linear scaling. If you move shield regen to aux though you fix that issue.