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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
A) Please indicate if you've read the dev blogs and complete Path to 2409 and/or the novel.
I've read the blogs and a ton of wiki information but have not read the novel.

B) Please tell me if you're okay with the state of things or think it needs to change.
Things need to change.

I choose #4 and #6.

4) The story anomalies don't bother me too much and I enjoy some aspects of the story. I tend simply mentally edit what I see. Just because its visible in game doesn't mean it has to mesh with the story.

6) LOL, story? Cryptic needs to focus less on story. Let players generate their own conflicting stories with no guidance!
I think too much emphasis is placed on story content when Cryptic really needs to get the ball rolling on a real exploration system and territorial PvP with the factions (Fed, KDF, RSE) to back them up.

That alone should keep them busy for years.

I like the FEs but as with all single-consumption content it's over with very quickly and there usually exists little to no reason to ever experience them again. This is a battle no developer has ever, or will ever, win.

One or two FEs a year is all that is needed. The rest of development needs to be spent on getting the KDF up to speed once and for all, getting the Romulan Star Empire in as a complete third faction, and then setting up a PvP-based territorial control system. And on top of that exploration needs to be done right and the best idea I've seen for that is to use approved Foundry missions for the random encounters.