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Hey everyone!

The Ferengi in me has come out for this. This post will also sound strange but hey, I guess in the spirit of Ferenginar war is good for business and peace is also good for business!

Due to my lack of time to run my fleet and many of my fleetmates either leaving the game and/or joining other fleets. Along with the fact many of my friends are all in another fleet together I am looking to sell the fleet I am in. What I mean is.....I have a fleet with a tier 2 starbase, which has over 40+ ship provisions, some ground weapons provisions and so far most of the appearance mods. Plus the fleet bank has all the tabs paid for. I don't want to see this go to waste so I am looking to see if anyone wants to buy it. Great opportunity to those who want a quick startup. I will listen to any offers one may want to give me. Looking for Energy Credits, Ships or a combination of both! Make me an offer and whoever makes me the best offer gets it. PM me if you are seriously interested or find me in game: @twebster1977

And yes this is a serious post.

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