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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
I'm curious? Why do people always feel the need to jibe, insult and make fun of people on public forums?
They posted enough to realize that is the only way to post if you want a reply?

Mind posting the FED Fleet escorts as well now and please also include the weapons comparison and consoles slots?
You are comparing the Escort-class with KDF raptors and raiders and if I post the Fleet Defiant it loses out anyway.

Perhaps you are also aware of the fact that the Qin is not at all popular due to its known pivot-point problem.
Qin might not be popular but its the better shielded and armored raptor with a tactical layout.

PS. Both the Aquarius or the Hoh'SuS should not even be featured as Fleet ships IMHO.
Of course not, the Aquarius is the Federation poor man BoP that fails at even that since it cannot cloak, I cannot understand why they bothered making it a Fleet ship and just not thrown it as a Zen-Shop T3 ship.

The Hoh'SuS however have more armor that the B'rel (same shield modifier) so it can take more abuse in exchange for lacking that "enhanced" Battlecloak, the stinker is the Ning'tao that have less hull that the T4 BoP.

My point is the Feds have the Fleet Defiant and a host of awesome Escorts while the KDF get little in comparison in that department honestly?
Does not excuse on the fact you are attacking the fact they are fixing two ... well one ship by raising its turn rate.

Argue about the Qin and the Hoh'SuS problems, not "Feds have better ships so dont fix the other Fed ships".

Most of the KDF played ships don't even have fleet versions for that matter that count.
Again, this is not a argument about the Escort-class being "fine" and not needing adjustments.