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The thread name says it all. This post is a suggestion to make lockboxes a much more welcome addition to the game. I joined the game at the start of the dominion feat. series, when the cardi boxes were out, and have seen them mature on to ferengi, had my first account destroyed due to account guard and a misplaced I, and then saw the tholian boxes come in, and now the temporal boxes in as well. All these boxes have something in common. They drop like dirt and the key to box ratio is about 1-500 according to my experience. Keys are about 1.5 million on the exchange, and since the only real way to get EC is through the time gated tour the universe and selling items, I struggle to maintain an account balance over 300k ec. Thus, to make keys cheaper and easier to obtain, my suggestion is the following. Make a small amount of keys available for free daily, via a doff assignment called something like this: hack lockbox locking mechanism to create key.
To start the assignment you would need the following-
5-10 lockboxes, all one type.
Duty officer- Fabrication specialist
Doff- Research lab scientist
Doff- Development lab scientist.

Casualty risk none.

The rewards would be something like the following.

Critical- 3 lockbox keys. 25 dilithium. 50% of lockboxes returned to you. development cxp.

Success- 2 lockbox keys. 10 dilithium, development cxp.

Failiure- 50% of LBs returned to you.

Disaster- nothing.

This assignment can be repeated once a day, with a 20 hr cooldown. It should be accessed via the operations officer in main engineering, under special projects.

I think that this move will make lockboxes a much more attractive proposal for f2pers like me, and severely lower the amount of hate the lockboxes are getting. Please don't nerf the rewards to be like unlocking the box, where it's either a deflector or one lobi. I really hope that this gets into the game, because to me, EC are hard to obtain and get spent too fast.