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# 1 Your Crew, Your Ship
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Just to flip it on its head, I'd love to see a breakdown of other folks' own ships/crews, be they for in game or fan fiction Having not got a desktop with STO on it, I can't generate any images of my crew, so will instead list the actors I would currently cast to play them in episode/film If you have any crew photos, feel free to include them Unless otherwise stated, assume that the officers below are baseline Humans

Circa 2387(the year the manuscript I'm currently writing takes place in)
Starship: USS Endeavour - Sovereign Class Starship.
Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Marcus Kane (Matt Bomer) Immortal Human (apparent age 28)
First Officer/Comms Officer: Commander Jedda Tobin (Bridget Moynahan) Trill (unjoined)
Tactical Officer: Lt Commander Roger Hunt (Taye Diggs) Immortal Human (apparent age 38)
Chief Engineer: Lt Commander Rebecca VanDoren (Charlize Theron as in Aeon Flux)
Chief Medical Officer: Dr Andrew Pfeiffer (Jack Davenport)
Operations Manager: Lieutenant Saffron Dallas (Cynthia Nixon)
Strategic Operations Officer: Lieutenant Anthony Polizzi ( Michael DeLuise)
Science Officer: Lieutenant T'Lara (Olivia Wilde) Vulcan
Senior Navigator: Lieutenant Sam McKnight (Jude Law)
Captain's Executive Assistant: Acting Ensign Amanda Palmer (Ashley Greene)
Relief Navigator: Lieutenant Selia Chirk (Amanda Seyfried) Bolian-Human
Relief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Ryan Howlett (Justin Bruening)
Relief Communications Officer: Lieutenant Andrew Sloane (Hayden Christensen)

[Edit to add additional characters]
Doctor Cameron Kane (Peta Wilson) Pentaxian (externally identical to Humans, except for purple eyes and ridged claws instead of fingernails)
Alix Kane (Zooey Deschenal) Human (gender different identical twin sister of Marcus) Flashbacks only as character dead

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