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09-26-2012, 08:16 PM
To be honest, since you have it, the free Odyssey is still a great choice as is. Although using science in the lt cmdr slot is good as well though, because of things like sci team 3, TSS 3, HE 3, etc, all of which you can give to your team mates as well, compared to like E-power to shields 3 (which is still a good ability though).

Basically, on the Ody, if you have it, don't fix what ain't broken, unless you really want one of the two fleet ships as you mentioned.

Anyways, of the three, the Fleet Galaxy, is probably not a good choice. It has the most hull of any Fed ship currently out there (only one or two Klingon ships have more hull), but it won't really matter a whole whole lot in the long run. Plus the ensign engineer makes it really hard to run your abilities well.

Anyways, I do own the Fleet Star Cruiser, and it is AWESOME. Four engineering and four sci consoles make for a really really tough ship. Even like only 2 or 3 field generators, and like an Emitter Array console to buff your shield heals, is great.

I love mine personally when I use it, in fact I plan on decking it out in all fleet gear, weapons and other stuff eventually, just to do it. Even so, with my normal stuff, it doesn't like to die. I have my engineer in it, and it just sits there, pulling aggro like nobody's business, along with soaking up huge amounts of damage, all without any fancy consoles like Work Bees and such.