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If we put the fact at ease that they did that because every tv-show needed their "identification" and arguably the uniform worn by the cast is a very important part of that, the TNG-era uniforms at least all fit the same overall style. In fact, the uniforms worn in TNG and early DS9/Voy are classified as the same line of uniforms. In TNG there are some scenes were Starbase personnel is wearing the DS9 pattern and when Worf begins his service on DS9 he is still wearing his TNG uniform. Why Voyager wore the "Starbase" pattern is open for debate, maybe it was because they weren't ready yet to leave the dock and were still crewed with temporary personnel.

Dress and Admiral's variant don't concern me that much as they just look pretty, you can do what you wish woth those

The "special lady" uniforms can also be explained. 7 of 9 was a civilian just like any other cast member not wearing a uniform and troi always had a kind of special status on the ship, given their betazoid heritage maybe she wasn't comfortable with the uniforms and picard granted her a civilian outfit. In late TNG when **** went serious she is ordered to wear uniform, however, shortly before the takes her command training.

AGT is a uniform to imply a different timeline which is disrupted every time it comes up and maybe is just created by Q anyway. It's to show you "this is not happening" essentially, and to make the cast look older.

TNG Movie/Late DS9 "Dominion" uniforms were chosen to give the cast a more modern, "buffed" appearance. In-canon it doesn't make that much sense, but when this uniform came up it replaced all the other variants entirely so maybe someone just thought "cut the crap, everyone takes these now". Captains variants are, well, captains variants. They can do that

In STO however, even the default uniforms don't even look remotely alike and the basic fact that everyone can absolutely ceate his "uniform" at will doesn't count as "modernization" to me And I personally would have just take it as "its an MMO, duh" but instead they "explain" that the uniform code was lifted. THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. They could tell you "Starfleet command decided that wearing trousers is an optional gimmick from now on" - it would be explained, yet it doesn't make any sense. The same applies to lockbox ships and STOs "storylines" btw ;D
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