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# 1 Update the GFX engine pls...
09-26-2012, 10:54 PM
I have heard it said many times that the graphics in STO are not high end like single player games as you have to tune for performance in an MMO. So why don't we have graphics like EVE Online which has tons of players per map?

For example their planets

New DirectX 11 tech

and ships..

Graphically I think STO could use a major overhaul. This would make it way more immersive and feel like you are truly exploring the stars. Currently while fun to play and I am by no means leaving for another game, it is however looking quite dated in many areas.

For the most part (like 99.99%) it is the users computer carrying the weight of graphical enhancements. (I have worked on MMOs) No reason away missions could not have Unreal tech looking graphics as it handles way more people per map at a time. Same with starbases and other instanced maps.

Lastly... What happened to ripples in water when you run through it? A few weeks back your uniform would get wet and you'd more or less splash around. Now nothing again. Graphics is actually taking a step backward... lol

Still fun game though, but for $25 a ship I want it to look as real as possible!