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Originally Posted by williammccormick View Post
Only way to do it, that I know of, is to go to a tailor and right down the setting that you have with your existing toon, and use them on your Alt. That was the only way I could get my toon into my Foundry mission.
Writing down the specs isn't even necessary. For creating an Alt with features, you should be able to 'save' an outfit (which includes the body specs) from the tailor, then have the tailor 'load' it on an Alt fresh out of the Tutorial (provided she has enough ECs to pay for the change) For an Alt of the same faction/race/class this shouldn't be a problem...

Note: Tailor 'save' files are stored locally on your computer, so saves and loads must be done from the same machine unless you transfer the 'saved' tailor files

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