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09-27-2012, 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Never have been. The economics are just the way they are. I still have fun with my 4 KDF characters, because, let us face it, KDF is only "starved for content" by comparison to the Feds, not in absolute terms. The game experience in itself is awesome.

(And falsely stating otherwise won't draw more people into playing KDF.)

Not much. Alpha, a new mission, has been added, and the starbases are clearly a good thing for KDF PvE. But when the Devs add the new Foundry features to the game by the end of October or November, KDF should get a whole lot of new missions with decent rewards, so stay tuned, I'd say.
I have to agree, although there are things that are badly needed, to really round out the KDF faction. Our ship count for end-game ships is also pretty low, compared to the Federation, and they still get ships about 4x as often as we do. We have more Commander and Captain level ships, but you're only going to use those for a couple days, as fast as leveling happens in STO.

It's still more fun over here, though, IMHO...and, about the foundry, there are much more interesting story possibilities over here as well (also just my opinion, of course).