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09-27-2012, 02:13 AM
i like the Odyy starcruiser better, as an engi captain and ltcmdr slotted with a tac BOFF.
2 tactical team 1, make your shields nearly inpenetrable, and 4 engi abilities to survive are more than enough.
add TSS and HE and you are rdy to tank anything with no difficulty.

why the Oddy starcruiser? because it can mount a ltdcmdr Tac, For PVE you want to go for max dmg output...even in a tank.

so i suggest...for an engi captain doing mostly PVE, the oddy is the optimum choice of the 3. For a tac captain the starcruiser. But in no way the fleet galaxy.

now since you requested PVP only and "tanking" in PVP means support...the starcruiser is better.
Doesn't mean that the other 2 wouldn't work, fleet starcruiser just has the statistical edge over the 2.
I personally use the Oddy starcruiser in PVP too, with a little modification of course, but still with ltcmdr tac and 2 tactical teams.
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