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The following was made in-another post:
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Our graphics are never going to match those of a single player game with tons of money behind it.

Our graphics engine is actually pretty decent. The problem is that because we are an ongoing game, which needs to support very low end cards, there are some things that higher end cards are capable of, which we can't take advantage of without alienating our lower end users. I talked some about that in the Starbase Incursion Flashlight discussion a while back.

We have to make sure low end can run our game. Anything we can add on, which is purely eye candy, and isn't required for gameplay, we will add.

The graphic programmers have been working on DX11 for a while now. I haven't heard any specific updates from them recently, but I know that they're still on it.

As for specific features, I'm not aware of all of them. I do know that we have looked into tessellation before, and found that it is NOT something that can just be applied across the board. Assets have to be built with tessellation in mind, or they just break. It's not because they were built poorly before, it's just a different way of going about things. The good news here is that we can turn tessellation on at the material level. So we can, as we go forward, build with that in mind, and potentially use it in future productions.

I'd love to have access to DX11 shadows, but I haven't heard anything about it from the programmers.
whilst we are on the subject i would like to see mmos and all games with this:
Next Generation Graphics - Human Skin Simulation
Future of Game Graphics - VFX tech Demo

This on top of the DX11 tessellation and higher resolution textures is my dream for games, but till our realtime redering bandwith and speed improves for gaming it will be a while till we get that far.

in the meantime this is a good watch: The Future of Gaming
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