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09-27-2012, 02:47 AM
Hello fellow STO players, I would like to start by saying that after playing this game since march 2010 its finally getting to a place it should be at and that the Devs are doing a fantastic job.

Now on to the point of my post, not only am I a gamer but I'm a serious Star Trek fan so seeing that 2 and a half years down the line there are certain little things still missing is quite annoying....
The main thing is canon bridges! 'We have them' I hear you thinking. well not a lot of them actually. the bridges missing that I think need to be in game as we've seen them a lot on screen are as follows but please reply with your additions and thoughts:

Excelsior bridges - Sulu's Excelsior, Enterprise B, Hathaway.

Nebula bridges - Sutherland, Prometheus, Pheonix (all TNG).

Nova bridges - Equinox.

Olympic bridges - Pasteur.

Miranda bridges - Reliant, Saratoga, Lantree

NX bridges - Enterprise, Columbia

All these bridges are easy to find but yet they haven't been added to game which is a letdown to the core fans who take as much pride in the interior as they do the exterior of their ships. thanks for your time div tor es musma