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Good day.

I?ve purchased ?heavy escort carrier? in C-Store and have used it for a view weeks. I?ve chosen the ?Akira skin? on it. Now I tried to change the skin in the shipyard to ?Armitage class?. The Game tells me that I have to buy the ?heavy escort carrier? first in order to do that, even though I am already using it with my only character. If I click on buy nevertheless the game confirms that I already have it and I can?t buy it again.
My problem is now that the ?ok? button for the in game ?EC? purchase during the skin change never lightens up and I can?t make the modifications I want.

I value my Star trek Online Account very much and the character I?ve created in particular.
I?m even considering buying a lifetime subscription, because I?ve met a great community in the world Cryptic has created.

I would be very grateful if anyone could take a look at this matter and help me with my problem.

Thank you