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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
What - and you are honestly going to tell me "with a straight-face" that the KDF ships are remotely balanced in comparison..............................
You mean how the KDF Fleet battle cruisers are completely superior to any of the Fed Fleet Cruisers?

Some ships made out really well in the fleet system, some ended up sucking.

The Aquarius is one of the ones that ended up sucking, badly.

Yet this terrible ship, getting a +1 turn rate was enough to prompt you to come into this thread with more "KDF unfairness" that we already have 2 to 3 sub-forums wholly dedicated to.

Originally Posted by mrkollins View Post
So what its the point in getting the Aquarius? is T4 and cost 2 k zen. Its special because its goes in the back of the Ody? or you can change from the Odyssey to the Aquarius like a shuttle?
The only people who get this are either "noobs" who get suckered into it, or people who absolutely must have the Aquarius because they have the Ody.

Originally Posted by havam View Post
WTF Systems?? Look @ FEd scorts, look at KDF scorts, look at BOP

Look at KDF Battle Cruisers, look at Fed Cruisers.

Poorly designed ships exist on both sides.

And just to nitpick, the KDF do not have Escorts. They have Raptors with built-in cloaking (and destroyers which are mostly well designed).

You can debate the merits of cloaking all you like, but they essential get something in return for any hull or shield reductions and the Pivot point issue isn't a systems team issue.

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