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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I don't mind having to buy something for the KDF, if its worth buying and the price is right, but the gamble that is the lockbox to enjoy a new KDF ship is not worth it.
I'll spend less on it in the Exchange after grinding DL to convert to EC.

Majestics idea is a good one and would show some love to those who risk subscribing to STO.
Price the new Ships at $25 a piece, make them character restricted and if you drop one you must rebuy it. Seems fair to me and Cryptic still makes thier money.
Yes, I second and third majestic's idea. What bothers me most is not the gambling aspect but the fact that when I buy a lock box key, the purchase is not a KDF purchase; it is a faction-neutral purchase. In other words, it does not demonstrate that I am supporting KDF. Even if I buy keys because I want to get the science ship, my purchase does not indicate my support of KDF.

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