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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
No, I don't want to defend the "escort-centric focus". I'm saying that Sci and Eng, Sci Ships and Cruisers aren't broken - yet. They are fully capable of handling everything thrown at them, and if they make use of their abilities, can do so in quite competetive time.
I'll not defend that you have to build them very much akin to how you build Escorts to achieve that, that is indeed something that needs looking into. I'll not defend the dumbing down of the game, nor do I defend the lack of unique gameplay. These are all valid complaints.
And I'll not deny that if Cryptic/PWE does not make major changes, the combat system will inevitably break when even more powerful ships get released ... which is pretty much inevitable, too, for cash generation.
Neither is the dps gap as huge as you make it seem, nor are Sci and Eng abilities gimped that far.
At least: not yet.
ok so we've been going through discussions like this quite a lot lately and that is how they all end up. Every person like your self, stating... nah nah screaming Sci is not broken only to contradict them selves and say they actually do need fixing, or that ..."you have to build them very much akin to how you build Escorts" to be "competetive".

u see i've played all classes, made a monster tanker, just disgustingly high DDs, and i always go back to my sci. why? becuz its not a tank and it's not a DD, its different and that's what many of us want. I dn't want it to be "akin to an escort". i want it to just be competitive. And it's NOT.

so lets compare it u'r way.

Ships first:
cryptic says mobility vs hull:

cruiser - slowest, least mobility / highest hull
escort - fastest, most mobile / medium hull
SS - med speed, med mobility / lowest hull case u missed it go over it again.

Now skills:

tac skills:
different ones for different situations/build, skills u would never use... i have never used dispersal patterns but that's just cuz i dn't like mines.

sci skill:
jam sensors - fair in pve, pvp last for 1-2 secs
disrupt sensors. - terrible just about always (due to nerf)
Tachyon Beam - just plain terrible (due to nerf)
Charged Particle Burst - holly terrible (due to nerf)
Photonic Shockwave - damn terrible (due to nerf)
Gravity Well - fair in pve, terrible PvP (due to nerf)
Viral Matrix - god help us all terrible (due to nerf)
Energy Siphon - just lol (due to nerf)
Photonic Officer - just trololol... lololol.. lo lo loooooool

Tykens rift - running aux at 125 .. not terrible.. mby
Feedback Pulse - running aux at 125 .. not terrible.. mby
tractor beams still do they're job... sometimes
Polarize hull - does it job mostly under very specific circumstances
Mask Energy Signature - just ... when u start thinking of using it as a sci cuz nothing else is worth slotting.... yes folks we're there

HE, ST, TSS i dn't think any toon u'r playin doesn't use at least one of em, but since they're heals...

yes i totally agree with u they only need a "little tweak".

Assss for the dps gap part < omgrotflmfaowtfbbq >. Now that i'm back on my chair sry i've got nothing. I dn't even know where i'd start... 1st grade calculus mby?