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Originally Posted by aveldra View Post
They ain't fixin this, they'll just say it's working as intended and come up with an excuse to back it up like they did with the cloaking issue.
I'm fine with a "working as intended" reply as long as it is given as part of a discussion with a developer, allowing us to ask the follow up question: "then what is it balanced against" and the second follow up to that where we can offer why it is not in fact balancing out, and/or how other things are not accounted for (I still feel that the pivot may be worth more than some extra hull as we currently have it).

It is entirely possible that the Raptor living on a Battlecruiser mesh is an intended design, making us a bit slow to turn, but a beast to kill, and a beast to be on the business end of: the A-10 Warthog of space. BUT it needs to be clearly shown that whatever their intention, the result has been to actually keep us too far out of balance.

That said, if I am to be an A-10 Warthog in space, I'm leaning hard towards even more hull and that extra Tac console - Don't get in my front arc. Period.

EDIT: I would love to get a peek at the Dev's ship design chart. I have to imagine they have it all worked out, base stats, mods (and what each is worth), and use it to balance ships. I suspect somewhere, someone missed a point or two on the chart for us, or failed to plug in what mods they applied before leaving.
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