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09-27-2012, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by jkname View Post
Things cannot improve. Improvement is physically impossible under the laws of thermodynamics: Entropy always increases. Things can only get worse at varying rates of speed.

In that regard, since I first arrived here, I have witnessed no improvement, but meanwhile, the tutorial has gotten more obnoxious with no method to skip it like the Fed tutorial, and Engineers have been nerfed. So there's your decline update.
If the game were a closed ecosystem, with the players sealed inside, and no way in or out, this would hold true. The devs, on the other hand, represent an outside force acting upon the game. They are expending their energy to counteract the contant entropy toward which the game would tend.

The KDF faction is vastly improved since launch; there's no denying that. At launch, we had no storyline missions whatsoever; deep space encounters and PVP were all we had at the time.

It still needs help to bring it closer to the state of the Federation faction, but I'm confident the devs will eventually do this. I'm just getting tired of waiting, and it gets especially frustrating every time I see a new Federation ship in the C-store, with nothing being added on the other side.