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this might be a stupid question, but how do i update the wrapperor STO to 1.5.1? i went (package content) started the wineskin => advanced => tools => update wrapper => but still the same bug. if i go to this link what do i have to download from there? i hope im not too "simple" on this
I downloaded the new version (STO UMV 1.5.1). but cannot figure out how to upgrade from my previous version. The instructions in the download say:

upgrading from an old wrapper...
* Right click the Star Trek program, and select "Show Package Contents"
* Go to drive_c/Program Files and drop in a copy of the Cryptic Studios game folder
that Star Trek Online is installed to. (or from an older wrapper in the same spot)
However, there is just a 'Star Trek Online' app file in the Cryptic Studios Game Folder. I already have a previous version installed and there is a Cryptic Studios Folder included when I 'show package contents'. What do I replace to get the 1.5.1 version running?

What am I doing wrong?

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