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09-27-2012, 10:04 AM
OK, I was actually able to patch, login, and play the game last night, literally for the first time in months. I did this using the VPN workaround described in the following post -

However, let me add a few words of advice and clarification, since this workaround was originally developed for Blacklight Retribution, a different PW game.

1) Wherever the post talks about the "BLR launcher", substitute the phrase "STO launcher"

2) For me, the patching process was excruciatingly slow, taking a bit over 3 hours in all. In all fairness, however, I'd been away for months, and missed a couple of quite major updates. This was about 13G of patches to be processed.

3) Leave the VPN activated until you reach the character selection screen. At that point, you can finally turn off the VPN utility, and log in with the character of your choice. Do not actually log in your character with VPN activated or you will have terrible lag. No, I mean even worse than usual

4) Once you're in the game, you can change characters without needing to re-activate VPN, even though that process involves re-entering your password. Don't ask me why, I have no (expletive deleted) clue.

5) The whole thing isn't nearly as intimidating as it sounds. You just Google "hotspot shield", download the FREE version of their utility, install it, and fire up STO. No file manipulation is involved, and no advanced computer knowledge is needed. I did not avail myself of the 7-day free trial of their elite version, I just downloaded the free version and used that. Free trial versions of things tend to mess up your system when they expire, in my experience.

6) Be aware that the free version is ad-driven. Even if you de-select their wretched toolbar option during the install, it will still inflict some ads on you. Basically, every time you start up their free VPN utility, it will open your browser (if it's not already), and show you an ad for their company, trying to persuade you to upgrade to the paid "elite" version. You can close their ad immediately with no harm done, and the good news is that once VPN is turned off, the ads stop appearing.

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