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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I thought cloaking was irelevant on a ship that can control time, so why is it now relevant to instill a handicap?
Well, then I guess the Fed ship's ability to control time would need to be stronger to then make the cloak functionally irrelevant.

It's only irrelevant if it's mechanically present in the powers.

Do you really want the Wells or Mobius to have an ability that can make cloaks functionally irrelevant?

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I merely think the KDF TS's need cloaking as the technology is one the KDF has used for a very long time and it seems odd to not have it now.
It's not now, it's on a ship 300 years from 2409's now.

I think it's equally as odd that players feel a ship should be given an innate cloak with no equality to the opposing faction ship - either with a reduction of shields and hull for the KDF version or an additional benefit added to the Fed version to compensate.

There aren't, to my knowledge, any examples of there even being a KDF in the Temporal Cold War story line.

Maybe they're from an alternate universe, maybe they no longer use cloaks, maybe the KDF is radically different from what it is now - regardless there is no "precedent" for 29h century and beyond Klingons or Klingon ships, much less Klingons with Cloaked ships.

What strikes me the most is that when two sets of ships are given to both factions and the ships in their respective categories are pound for pound dead equal - that this is not enough and people still feel the KDF isn't being given it's due.

At least that's the feeling I get from threads like this.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe
Let the Devs give whatever they give normally as a handicap for the use of cloaking.
Do that, and I'm confident in saying we'd see even more "KDF unfairness" threads that just ignore the now innate cloak.

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