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If you are having the launcher auto-update failure bug, as so many hundreds, (if not thousands), of us are, I believe I have found a functioning work-around. Read about it here -

Essentially you Google "Hotspot Shield", download the free version of their VPN utility, install it, and log in as far as the character selection screen with that VPN util activated. Once you reach the screen where you choose your character, you can disable the VPN and proceed normally from there. You can even change characters, without needing to re-activate VPN.

Let's be very clear, this is not a fix. This is just a work-around, so we can play the game, until PW gets their alleged (expletive deleted) together and fixes the problem with their servers.

In all fairness, I did not devise this work-around. It was suggested months ago, by others far more clever than myself.

Good luck, comrades!

Hasta la victoria siempre!