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09-27-2012, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
I meant as they make them, not repairing them. The Raptor issue has gotten loud enough to be noticed more than once.

I'm hopeful, but one of those times it was noticed we were told it had enough hull, seeming to indicate they intended the hull buff to make up for the pivot point (or they don't understand the issue and mean hull buffs are balanced against turn rates)

PS - I am people they can sell keys to. In fact, I fully intend to try for a timeship. But I am still VERY focused and vocal about getting KDF up to snuff, and Raptors into balance, as I intend to stick with the Raptor.
but, see, you care, the DEVS do NOT. Not when they can sell another Lockbox with another set of powers that have no counter (the counter will probably, if it turns up at all, turn up in...another lockbox,).

HOW LONG has the Raptor had the pivot point issue?

Since introduction? since KDF went LIVE??

Has it ever been addressed? NO.

Will it EVER be addressed?

Probably not.

It's a feature, like when ensign flatulent cuts the cheeze and your ship decloaks in the middle of a mob of Borg.

"It's a feature, not a bug".

BEcause...KDF content only matters so much as they can stuff it into a Lockbox and get people to pay a week's wages for keys-trying to get it.