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Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
hey whamhammer1, yeah you can only get the W-A-Q-T-L from the c-store regent, the Fleet AC will just give improved stats, new visual which absolutely sucks and a extra console.

Is the dps and dpv higher then the borg mark 12, since the WAQTL is a level console how high will it go.
I don't see how it is a leveling console, isn't it a VA ship? (I've been VA so long that I just don't pay attention anymore). The Mk XII Borg does more DPS, but you need to take into account how often a shot will be lined up in the 90' arc vs a 180' arc. Also keep in mind the the WA Torp has ACC and the Borg one doesn't.

Heres a link that shows some base stats of the weapons.