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09-27-2012, 11:53 AM
The now IRRELEVANT cloak, you mean? (meanwhile, problems going back to Launch still there? Check, but now they're 'Features' and not bugs, because as we all KNOW, ensign Flatulent farting on the bridge and decloaking the ship in the middle of a spawnswarm of enemy vessels is a FEATURE... or the Qin "Escort"'s Cruiser-turn-pivot is a 'Feature" too...)

Seriously, do the math-these ships have powers that have NO COUNTER..none. zip, nothing. "I trigger my Time Effect, you are frozen in place while I heal, drop TRic mines around you, and generally **** you up without the ability to answer".

Who needs a cloak at that point? it's an instant-win button...remember, available ONLY through Lock-Boxes!! which means it'll be about as rare as D'Koras, Bugships, Cardie Galors, etc. etc.

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