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06-13-2009, 07:13 AM
This was much needed, I'm tired of people commenting about the movie as if it happened in the regular time line. The destruction of vulcan probably means Tuvok wasn't ever born, well, the whole universe would be different than the one we know and love.

Personaly I wish the movie had done a better job explaining all this. Though I understood it, many people just don't understand quatam theary and need to be guided through a dumbed down explination.

So thank you very much for clearing things up for those who didn't understand. Maybe this will stop the ******* commenting on how cryptic needs to take the events of the movie into account when making the game.

ITS ANOTHER TIME LINE. the only thing that effects the game from the movie is that Spock and Nero disapeared into the singularity after the destruction of romulus.

as a side note, I wish Spock and Nero would have stayed in the normal time line. Spock still has much work to due in the reunification movement. And Nero is young enough to be an antagonist in the game. But I guess Nero's dead in the past now, and Spock is helping peace together an endangered Vulcan race in a different parallel universe.

So we can stop pointing out how the timeline doesn't fit with the movie now guys. It never was supposed to, because the movie alters the entire established universe. It would be silly to try to build the game of the movie. You'd have to ignore everything in the star trek franchise except for the 11th movie, and ENTERPRISE. every other series, movie, and book used for source material would be useless in the ST XI universe