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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
They posted enough to realize that is the only way to post if you want a reply?

You are comparing the Escort-class with KDF raptors and raiders and if I post the Fleet Defiant it loses out anyway.

Qin might not be popular but its the better shielded and armored raptor with a tactical layout.

Of course not, the Aquarius is the Federation poor man BoP that fails at even that since it cannot cloak, I cannot understand why they bothered making it a Fleet ship and just not thrown it as a Zen-Shop T3 ship.

The Hoh'SuS however have more armor that the B'rel (same shield modifier) so it can take more abuse in exchange for lacking that "enhanced" Battlecloak, the stinker is the Ning'tao that have less hull that the T4 BoP.

Does not excuse on the fact you are attacking the fact they are fixing two ... well one ship by raising its turn rate.

Argue about the Qin and the Hoh'SuS problems, not "Feds have better ships so dont fix the other Fed ships".

Again, this is not a argument about the Escort-class being "fine" and not needing adjustments.
If you honestly believe that the KDF Fleet Raptors are better than the Defiant, you really need to step away from PvE for a while.

As for comparing the Hoh'SuS to the B'rel? To what end does that achieve?

Compare it to its proper Tactical counterpart: (Taken from STO wiki. If I left something off blame the other guy)

Tier I

Fleet Patrol Escort vs. Fleet Qin Heavy Raptor

Hull 34,100 vs. 36,300
Sld.Mod 0.99 vs. 0.92
Wps 4x 3x vs. 4x 3x
Turn 16 vs. 15 (on a broken pivot)
Console 4x Tac, 4x Eng, 2x Sci vs. 4x Tac, 4x Eng, 2x Sci

??? vs. Fleet Scourge Destroyer Retrofit

vs. 31,350
vs. 0.92
vs. 4x 3x
vs. 17
vs. 4x Tac, 3x Eng, 3x Sci

Tier II

Fleet Escort Retrofit vs. Fleet Somraw Raptor Retrofit

Hull 30,360 vs. 34,650
Sld.Mod 0.77 vs. 0.71
Wps 4x 3x vs. 4x 3x
Turn 17 vs. 16
Console 4x Tac, 4x Eng, 2x Sci vs. 4x Tac, 3x Eng, 3x Sci

Tier III

Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit Vs. ???

Hull 33,000
Sld.Mod 0.9
Wps 4x 3x
Turn 17
Console 5x Tac, 3x Eng, 2x Sci

Tier IV

Fleet Aquarius Destroyer vs Fleet Ning'tao Bird-of-Prey Retrofit

Hull 26,400 vs. 16,500
Sld.Mod 0.72 vs. 0.66
Wps 4x 2x vs. 4x 2x
Turn 17 vs. 22
Console 4x Tac, 4x Eng, 2x Sci vs. 3x Tac, 3x Eng, 3x Sci (1 less!)

Fleet Advanced Escort vs Fleet Hoh'SuS Bird-of-Prey

Hull 34,100 vs. 24,750
Sld.Mod 0.99 vs. 0.88
Wps 4x 3x vs. 4x 2x
Turn 17 vs. 21
Console 5x Tac, 2x Eng, 3x Sci vs. 4x Tac, 3x Eng, 3x Sci

Tier V

Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier Vs. ???

Hull 35,200
Sld.Mod 0.99
Wps 4x 3x
Turn 15
Console 4x Tac, 3x Eng, 3x Sci

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