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Originally Posted by novemberalpha View Post
if you have 2 of the same consoles will it double the power or it is just a waste to have and just say with all different ones

Yes you double the "power" but as I understand you only double the number of what you get from the first one.

Let's say you have the value 100.000 with NO consoles and you add a console with 20% you get 20% of 100.000 added to your "power" value, 100.000 + 20.000 = 120.000
When you add a second console with 20% you get 20.000 value points more =100.000+20.000+20.000 = 140.000 (not 20% of 120.000)

Something like that.
The specific value you have on the different powers of the ship has to do with your ship Spec.

Hope you understand.