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09-27-2012, 12:24 PM
In the Blockade mission, there are always 2-3 enemies that will focus on the Freighter, regardless of how much Threat or DPS you put onto them, they will not change focus. Same for No-Win. There are enemies that will not even glance at you while the Freighter/Transport is alive.

The reason I want some sort of force-taunt for my space tank, is the fact that you will eventually get into STFs with glass cannon DPS that does have points in their Threat Control, or often, someone's build that is so top-end DPS that a beam Cruiser can't hold aggro regardless.

Well, the cube vapes them, thus cutting into the team DPS. If I had a force-taunt, I could take all that yummy plasma fire (Tastes like Green Apple, I swear!) no matter how mucky someone's skill tree was.
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