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Originally Posted by darcanis View Post
I have heard it said many times that the graphics in STO are not high end like single player games as you have to tune for performance in an MMO. So why don't we have graphics like EVE Online which has tons of players per map?

For example their planets

New DirectX 11 tech

and ships..

Graphically I think STO could use a major overhaul. This would make it way more immersive and feel like you are truly exploring the stars. Currently while fun to play and I am by no means leaving for another game, it is however looking quite dated in many areas.

For the most part (like 99.99%) it is the users computer carrying the weight of graphical enhancements. (I have worked on MMOs) No reason away missions could not have Unreal tech looking graphics as it handles way more people per map at a time. Same with starbases and other instanced maps.

Lastly... What happened to ripples in water when you run through it? A few weeks back your uniform would get wet and you'd more or less splash around. Now nothing again. Graphics is actually taking a step backward... lol

Still fun game though, but for $25 a ship I want it to look as real as possible!
While we're on the subject of what EVE does and doesn't do compared to STO...

How's the "Walking in Stations" feature (announced and touted from 2006 until 2011 when they finally gave players ONE type of 'Captains Quarters' with a 3D avatar that can walk around in those small quarters, and out on a walkway? As I recall even that wasn't implemented as promised and they got rid of 'ship spinning' and made the Captain's Quarters non-optionnal....

The result? A LOT of pissed off players who's PC rigs couldn't handle the additions; as well as the fact you couldn't invite or interact with others in your Captain's Quarters because the tech to do that didn't exist.

Five years to bring a proto version of WIS to EVE with the end result being such a negative backlash that CCP has finally admitted to completely abandoning any furthe work on WIS (although honestly, to take 5 years to finally implement what they did, I don't thnk thjey EVERv bdevoted Dev rosources to implementing it in the first place.

Also, sorry, but I donm't find the linked videos so 'mindblowing' to divert STO Dev time to upgrading the graphics engine beyond what they alreadhy did with Season 4.

Finally, if you look at EVE player's reaction, it"s 'meh' as well, and they would rather see CCP work on the buugs, UI and mechanics issues EVE still has after nearly 10 years. It was funny to see plahyers reactionms when one of teh big selling points or a recent EVE update was new missile contrails.

STO has A LOT of issues and IMO is still light in a lot of content areas for an MMO. <---- This is what needs the most attention right now. The graphics engine is fine - better then some other MMOs and worse than others - but it does a good job of conveying what in needs to.
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