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09-27-2012, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by synthiasuicide View Post

With Doffs you can rotate one copy of each as if you were running 2. I run 3 Purples and keep at global for EPTx abilities.

The regent is well worth the purchase for the Torp alone for Broadsiding. I wish I could set it up like I do my Oddy with the only Engineer being a Comander. But, prefer it over the oddy on looks/control. So I gave up the doffs and run 2 copies of EPTx abilites on the regent....sigh.
The only DOffs that I am aware of that shorten cooldown are the Damage Control Engineers. They only offer a possibility of shortening a cooldown.

I do not consider this overly reliable, even if you stuff it full of purples. While this may in fact be viable, I am personally disinclined from taking gambles in that particular area, because with my luck my single EPtS will fail right when I need it the most. If there are any that offer a GUARANTEED cooldown shortening, however, I would appreciate you posting it, because I might have to start saving up my pennies in that case.